Diamond Cosmetics – The Treatment

An in-clinic consultation takes place at one of our Diamond SkinCare Clinics and lasts 40 minutes.

You will meet your Aesthetic consultant who will ultimately be responsible for your care.

After examining your skin, they will discuss the treatment with you based around the areas you would like treated.

The main areas focused on are Upper forehead brow lines, Lower forehead frown lines and around the Eye or laughter lines.

All our clients will have a second appointment or follow up approximately 2 weeks after the first. This is to see if they may require a ‘top up’.

You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

Why Choose Diamond Cosmetics?
  • Speed – Appointments available within 5 working days.
  • Expertise – Specialists with over 6 years extensive experience with cosmetic injections, 15 years experience of NHS and private dermatology, Be confident in your treatment.
  • Prices – Start from £200
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Book An Appointment

You can now book an appointment online. Or if you would like to discuss the treatment further either click onto our live chat system or call one of the team on 01603 298394.

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What Happens After The Appointment?

During the appointment the clinician will run through everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have. A follow up appointment will then be booked with you to make sure everything is ok and to check if you require any “top ups”.

If you would like to book a year long plan this can also be arranged at this point, once its been established how many appointments you would require in a year.


Will I be able to move my face after treatment?

Yes of course. The “frozen” look which can be associated with this procedure, is caused when too much Diamond Cosmetics are injected into one area. Our Clinicians will only administer the correct dosage and let you know the best frequency of treatment. Targeting only the small specific areas of lines and wrinkles. Normal facial expressions will still occur after treatment.

Are Diamond Cosmetics Safe?

Yes. Diamond Cosmetic injections are FDA and MHRA approved. Diamond Cosmetic injections have no known common side effects. Similar to most cosmetic injectables, side effects occur rarely. Mild bruising and swelling can be reported. But with the correct after care, these are temporary. We take all our treatments seriously and professionally and we only perform them to the highest clinical standards.

Does it hurt?

Diamond Cosmetic injections are virtually pain free and require little downtime afterwards. Injectables require no cuts, incisions or stitches making the treatment quick and easy to do. It is simply a small scratch from a small needle.

When will I see the results?

Lines & wrinkles begin to smooth out after around 2-3 weeks. The Clinician will discuss in your consultation, the results you can expect to see.

How long does it last?

Diamond Cosmetics can take up to 2 weeks to show the full results, after this time the result should last up to 4 months. There can be other factors which determine the length of results but the clinician will discuss these with you in your consultation.

Our Prices

1 Area£200
2 Areas£360
3 Areas£475

We also offer booking a 3 appointment course.

1 Area – 3 Times / Year£540 (Save £60)
2 Areas – 3 Times / Year£972 (Save £108)
3 Areas – 3 Times / Year£1282 (Save £143)


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