Expert Dermatology – From the comfort of your Home

With lifestyles these days as busy as they are, you may have a dermatology problem, but no time to get to the clinic to have this looked at.

We offer an easy, affordable and professional Online dermatology consultation. From the comfort of your own home.

Book your consultation slot online or by calling us on 01603 819125, and send us pictures in advance. This is a convenient option for anyone suffering from a skin complaint but unable to fit in a face to face appointment.

Online Consultations offer everything a normal face-to-face appointment would – diagnosis, management plan, prescription & peace of mind.

Prescriptions are sent out directly to you – no waiting around.

All details can be forwarded to your GP so they have a record of any treatment you have received.

Appointments are available on Monday’s PM between 2pm & 5pm.

Why Choose Online Dermatology Consultations?

  • Choose a time which suits you.
  • You can speak with the Dermatologist either Via Video Call  or Telephone – You  will need to send pictures of the issue, in advance.
  • Get quick medical advice and prescriptions if required.
  • Discuss your symptoms, and any medical history if relevant.
  • Consultations are private to ensure you get the same privacy as you would coming into clinic.
  • A lot of conditions can be diagnosed online and a full management plan will be designed for you.
  • If you need further treatment & tests we may ask you to attend a clinic or we can refer you back to your own GP. Full management plan, Can be provided through DSC or their GP.
  • 30 Minute appointments are given to discuss the problem in detail.


30 Minute Online Consultation – £230

Free Online Follow Up Appointment

Will I get a diagnosis?

Yes – Our online consultations are just like being in a face-to-face appointment…but with less waiting rooms. You will be “seen” by a specialist dermatologist with expert knowledge. Photos will be asked for in advance of your appointment. We will let you know before the appointment if we require more images/better quality.

How long is the Online Consultation?

We appoint 30 minutes per appointment – which is enough time to discuss the problem in depth and find a treatment plan perfect for you.

My phone doesn't allow Video calls

We offer video calling through a private & safe online website. A link will be sent to you in advance. Meaning you can use your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. BUT  a video call is not required if we receive pictures of the problem beforehand,

How do I get my prescription?

After the consultation, we will post the written prescription directly to you. You can either take this to your GP to have them create an NHS prescription or take it directly to the pharmacy. Directly would mean paying private prices which can vary.

You & your GP will receive a full ongoing management plan also.


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