See what our Previous clients have had to say….

Skin Safe Mole Check

D.T 20.10.19

I would recommend Diamond Skin Care to anyone. The whole booking process was straightforward and the clinician on the day was extremely informative and polite. Thank you for superb service

E.C 15.5.19

Dr Rallan & nurse Hayley were extremely professional and caring throughout mu consultation. Dr Rallan takes extra time to answer and explain all my questions. Cannot recommend Diamond skin care enough.

A.H 17.10.19

I am more than happy with the service i received from Diamond Skin Care. Every process was explained to me. I arrived worried, and left feeling very relieved. The delivery of your service was caring & efficient.

J.B 26.7.19

I was anxious about the examination as i knew i was higher risk due to my colouring, previous sun exposure and potential symptom. Dr Rallan was very thorough, reassuring and informative. Both Dr Rallan & Nurse Hayley helped to put me more at ease throughout the examination. I feel this check is excellent value for preventative medicine, give that skin cancer is so much more common, but manageable with early detection

D.G - 3.4.18

Dr Rallan & his assistant were thoroughly professional & although it was my first full check, i felt reassured at all stages of the examination. There is no need to be nervous. Your modesty is preserved throughout.

J.A - 28.11.17

Thoroughly professional and caring throughout. Dr Rallan took time to reassure & advise me about specific concerns. He also checked that i understood what actions needed to be taken and when. I cannot recommend Diamond Skin care highly enough.

J.W - 11.9.18

A very professional service. No waiting time. I was made to feel at ease by the gentle nature of the specialist and the friendly nurse. The mole checking was thorough & painless. Afterwards the specialist clearly explained the results. I would definitely  recommend this service. It has given me peace of mind.

Dermatology Consultation

J.C.G 12.3.19

I have suffered for years on and off with my skin problem. On Seeing Dr Rallan he diagnosed my problem and gave me new creams which worked instantly. What a relief, Very happy customer. Thank you.

M.D - 14.11.17

Great service, did not feel rushed, sympathetic to skin concern, thorough examination, follow up appointment. Another recurring skin problem was also diagnosed and treatment given. Very happy with the outcome of both appointments, wish i’d have gone private sooner

U.K - 2.8.18

Pleasant, most informative consultation with respect, sympathy & understanding. I left with peace of mind. Would recommend anyone concerned about their skin to visit Diamond Skin care. My appointment was available the next day.

B.W - 13.3.18

I found my visit offered good listening skills, time to explain my concerns and respect from those treating me. A good visit that dispelled my anxiety regarding areas of skin i was uncertain about. I would use the service again to check areas of skin i was uncertain about.

S.S - 13.11.18

I would definitely recommend DSC to anyone that is waiting for minor surgery, if they can afford it. I called and made the appointment on a Friday, the following Tuesday i had the procedure. Fab! Given me peace of mind knowing this has been done instead of waiting months on the NHS. Really Lovely Dr & Nurse.

Mole Removal

T.H 23.4.19

The Staff were absolutely lovely and the procedure was completely painless. The wounds have healed really well. I would not hesitate to recommend Diamond Skin Care to anyone!

A.B 26.3.19

Extremely pleased with the care and advise that i received. I would not hesitate to use Diamond Skin Care again and would recommend. Excellent from start to finish

C.S 10.5.19

Amazing service from start to finish. Friendly & felt very well are for. Made my whole experience much nicer.

J.C - 20.11.17

Very pleased with the outcome, would visit again!

J.W - 9.11.17

Excellent service all round, highly recommend. First Class

W.G - 24.7.18

I was instantly put at ease by the staff. The entire operation was professionally & expertly carried out.

Acne Cure

C.W 25.6.19

I have had such a great experience with Diamond Skin Care. The staff are kind and friendly and are quick to help with any queries or questions. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thank you for your support throughout my treatment. It has been an amazing experience and I’m finally getting my confidence back. You’ve all been wonderful.

M.W 10.10.19

I booked an appointment after suffering with adult acne that was affecting my self-esteem and giving me anxiety. Dr Rallan put me on Roaccutane and after close monitoring and expert advice, my skin was clear after 4 months. Ive never felt better!

L.K.B 25.6.19

Dr Rallan was a great Clinician and Mrs Martin (nurse) were very nice and supportive. I was very happy with the treatment and the support. Great service, would absolutely come back.

R.G - 08.18

I started Diamond AcneCure on 01/04/18 and was on it for 5 months. Going on this programme was the best decision i’ve made and choosing Diamond Skin Care was very worth it. The doctor and nurse were very helpful, lovely & professional in the appointments i had every 4 weeks. My skin is completely cleat now and i couldn’t be happier .

My reason for choosing Diamond Skin Care? I couldn’t find anywhere else locally that offered this product as an acne treatment.

H.M - 3.18

Choosing the Diamond skin care acne package is the best thing I’ve ever done. Compared to my previous consultant, the service from DSC has been flawless – much like my skin now. Ive never felt more confident.

I will miss my monthly appointments and how genuine Dr Rallan & Haykeys interest and excitement in my progress was. Thank you both.