Meet Dr Deepak Rallan – CEO and Medical Director

I am the Founder and Medical Director of Diamond Skin Care. DSC was created in 2007 after working in dozens of hospital dermatology departments over 15 years, covering much of the UK. I had become dissatisfied with the quality of care I saw and the quality of mentoring I was able to give to my trainees and staff.

My vision was to create an enterprise that would listen at every level to the needs and wants of the patients and commit to developing, at every level, the people who build and provide the service.

My focus today is to create the best systems, which support and develop the best in people, with the aim of creating and delivering the best dermatology services in the land.

We’re getting there – one step at a time!

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Our proud history

At Diamond Skin Care we aim to continuously design and create the most innovative dermatology services that will connect the best technologies, treatments and experts with patients in fast and convenient ways so that a skin condition never becomes a cause for embarrassment, withdrawal, worry or loss of self-esteem.

Over 10 years’ experience of how dermatology care is provided in the UK has led to us developing the patient-focused philosophy behind Diamond Skin Care.

Our goal is to offer high-quality skin treatment, tailored to your needs. Our first-hand observation of health care standards in the majority of NHS hospitals over the past decade has revealed wide ranging differences in the quality of care between institutions. Some are good and some are not so good but, as a private organisation, Diamond Skin Care strives to be consistent in delivering excellent service.

There is a far broader gap between conventional private medicine and public-funded health care than is often thought. Many services in the private sector offer cosmetic surgery and aesthetic dermatology, while NHS services cater for patients with critical skin disease.

Few organisations exist to offer affordable, private medical care exclusively for patients with skin conditions, but we do. You don’t need a GP referral to see one of our dermatology specialists. At Diamond Skin Care, our services are geared heavily towards patients who require medical expertise delivered to high standards. Dermatology clinicians manage, direct and own Diamond Skin Care, meaning that we have constructed the organisation from top to bottom with our patients in mind.

Delivering the best quality care is at the very heart of all that we do at Diamond Skin Care and it is rooted in the 3 principles of founder Dr Deepak Rallan, an experienced dermatologist with over 10 years of experience: Science, Skill and Solutions.

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