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Skin Safe Mole Check

R.M. February 2022

I was very happy with the consultation and explanation of my condition.  The professionals were very approachable and empathetic.

M.R. February 2022

Dr Rallan and his nursing staff are always friendly and welcoming.  They make the appointment feel relaxed. Dr Rallan will answer all your questions and provide all information based on your enquiry. Wonderful service, would defiantly recommend to others.

P.B. February 2022

I was worried about moles on my back, but after a full body mole check, Dr Rallan put my mind at ease and gave me valuable information about spotting skin cancers.

C.S. August 2021

“As a previous melanoma patient, I find the annual full body mole check to be invaluable for advice and reassurance”.

S.J. September 2021

“Peace of mind, chance to ask questions, left feeling reasurred”.

J.A. October 2021

Throughly reassuring process.  Staff caring and professional throughout. Treatment and outcomes clearly explained and my understanding checked before leaving.  My thanks to you all for such a great service.

Dermatology Consultation

B.C. January 2022

This was a very good experience and I would hight recommend.  Staff were lovely.

P.S. February 2022

Very pleased with the expert advice.  Peace of Mind. Excellent Service.

B.C. January 2022

This was a very good experience and I would throughly recommend.  Staff are lovely.

Mole Removal

R.N. August 2021

“Helpful and professional with a desirable outcome to treatment”.

L.P. January 2022

After 4 1/2 years of torment with SK on my face.  HOORAY.   Wonderful Dr Rallan and his team have sorted it with kindness and understanding.  Can not thank you all enough.  THANK YOU

T.P. July 2021

“From initial phone call to completion of my operation, I found the service excellent, efficient and caring.  Dr Rallan’s patient focused interpersonal skills were much appreciated and the whole team were a pleasure to deal with.  Thank you so much”.

N.R. February 2022

I chose to go with Diamond Skin Care because of the great reviews they had.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The whole process for my mole removals was seamless, very supportive and I felt cared for the whole way.  Thank you.

T.G. September 2021

“Great customer service – All questions answered prior to appointment.  Great appointment – felt comfortable and confident that I was in good hands”.

Acne Cure

N.P. APRIL 2022

“Thank you so much.  I was able to see a doctor quickly to discuss my concerns and start my treatment.  The doctors and nurses were supportive, polite and willing to help through my treatment.  I recommend Diamond Skin Care 100%! Thank you!”

J.B. APRIL 2022

“Great experience with Diamond; throughout the process I felt listened to and cared for, and was given advice and assistance as I needed it!”

J.A. April 2021

“I’ve suffered from acne since 2017 and tried different skin care products, they work but eventually acne comes back. Sept 2020 was one of my worse, I cannot even look at the mirror and even take a selfie. So I sought consult privately! I was immediately seen by Dr. Rallan and I gave him my full trust. A week after, I received my pills at home and I started the treatment. The staffs were very accommodating and very friendly. I never miss a follow-up consult because I always get reminded! Fast forward to today, I can now look at my self in the mirror! my self confidence is back, and this definitely is one of the best decision I’ve made!. I’m very pleased with the end result. The 5-month treatment is sooo worth it”!

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