See what our Previous clients have had to say….

Skin Safe Mole Check

D.T. October 2019

I would recommend Diamond Skin Care to anyone. The whole booking process was straightforward and the clinician on the day was extremely informative and polite. Thank you for superb service

S.F. February 2020

I was very happy with the service I received, Dr Rallan makes you feel completely at ease, and takes the time to advise you on any concerns you may have. Very efficient service. 

A.H. October 2019

I am more than happy with the service i received from Diamond Skin Care. Every process was explained to me. I arrived worried, and left feeling very relieved. The delivery of your service was caring & efficient.

J.A. September 2020

This is an essential annual appointment for me.  Friendly, informative and reassuring throughout.  Dr Rallan and his team are professional and caring.  I always feel i am in safe hands.

B.H. December 2019

Very impressed & would not hesitate to come again and also will recommend to family and friends.

M.R. January 2020

I was very pleased with the professional and friendly service. The doctor immediately put my mind at ease and explained all his findings and outcome in a clear and reassuring way. Both the Doctor and Nurse where lovely.

Dermatology Consultation

J.C.G. March 2019

I have suffered for years on and off with my skin problem. On Seeing Dr Rallan he diagnosed my problem and gave me new creams which worked instantly. What a relief, Very happy customer. Thank you.

N.C. July 2020

Very professional service, quick appointment time, good pricing structure.  The medication prescribed worked wonderfully.  I would highly recommend Diamond Skin Care #100%.

Anonymous 2020

The Doctor was professional and informative. I was very pleased with how quick I was able to get an appointment.

Mole Removal

T.H. April 2019

The Staff were absolutely lovely and the procedure was completely painless. The wounds have healed really well. I would not hesitate to recommend Diamond Skin Care to anyone!

A.B. March 2019

Extremely pleased with the care and advise that i received. I would not hesitate to use Diamond Skin Care again and would recommend. Excellent from start to finish

C.S. May 2019

Amazing service from start to finish. Friendly & felt very well are for. Made my whole experience much nicer.

C.L. March 2020

I have an annual mole check with Dr Rallan gives me peace of mind.  This year one of my moles needed removing. this was done quickly and professionally.  Not having to wait weeks/months on the NHS was huge comfort.  Skin cancer is very worrying, I have a very neat scar which in time will fade completely.

T.K. December 2019

Cannot thank Dr Rallan enough, and Hayley too.  Was given a choice of methods to remove a mole, never been asked before! Very professional, courteous & friendly. Thank you so very much.

Acne Cure

C.W. June 2019

I have had such a great experience with Diamond Skin Care. The staff are kind and friendly and are quick to help with any queries or questions. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thank you for your support throughout my treatment. It has been an amazing experience and I’m finally getting my confidence back. You’ve all been wonderful.

M.W. October 2019

I booked an appointment after suffering with adult acne that was affecting my self-esteem and giving me anxiety. Dr Rallan put me on Roaccutane and after close monitoring and expert advice, my skin was clear after 4 months. Ive never felt better!

L.K.B. June 2019

Dr Rallan was a great Clinician and the nurse were very nice and supportive. I was very happy with the treatment and the support. Great service, would absolutely come back.

G.D. February 2020

I was a bit unsure about starting the treatment.  However, from the start everything has been very positive and any issues have been dealt with very well.  I would highly recommend this treatment to others and results.