Want to diagnose skin cancers like an international expert?

Skin cancer diagnosis is a huge responsibility. Practitioners all over the UK face this challenge day in and day out. GPs, practice nurses, dermatology nurses, plastic surgeons and dermatologists feel the weight of this responsibility on a daily and weekly basis.

In addition, there is time pressure, patient expectation and medico legal pressure.

Dr Rallen
Dr D Rallan, Director and Chief Consultant Diamond Skin Care

Many practitioners put in this position have a set of ‘coping’ mechanisms culminating in a large volume of onward referrals and/or inappropriate excisions.

We have found however, that most healthcare professionals, at heart, aspire to be efficient and effective in the service of their patients.

No practitioner wants to put their patient at unnecessary surgical risk nor miss a treatable skin cancer.

Also, for any healthcare worker, it feels undeniably good to get a diagnosis right with direct perceivable benefit to the patient. Whether this be complete peace of mind or saving a life. There is, in my experience, no greater gratification than this in all medical services.

Yet, a structured way to train and mentor practitioners in skin cancer assessment, to a high level of confidence and competence did not exist in the UK – until 2020!

The Diamond Training Institute, therefore created…

The UK’s ONLY Dermoscopy mentoring course – created by Dr D Rallan; International Academic Expert In Dermoscopy

For GPs, practice nurses, dermatology nurses, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. No prior experience is needed.

Online Dermoscopy Course – Learn direct from an international expert, how to be confident in skin cancer assessment:

  • Learn to refer, biopsy or discharge with complete confidence.
  • Train to diagnose with professional competence.
  • Discover how to never miss a skin cancer.
  • Detailed one-to-one mentoring on at least 5 cases per month.
  • Understand and use dermoscopy terminology as standardised by the International Dermoscopy Society.
  • Option to become a Certified Dermoscopy Practitioner (by examination).
Dermatology Consultations

Dermoscopy course details

  • Complete all assessments online.
  • Monthly one-on-one mentoring sessions, on each module, 5 cases per session (1hr).
  • Live monthly lectures on each module (Optional).
  • Unlimited access to online videos.
  • Secure upload platform for case photos.
  • 30 cases are required to complete the courses.

Certified Practitioners can train others in dermoscopy and take part in DSC private skin cancer screening programmes across the UK.

The course content is completed in the first 6 months. All one-to-one case discussions (30 in total for each candidate) and mock assessments are completed by month 8 followed by the final assessment and certification.

Course requirements and qualifications

  • DL3 or DL4 dermatoscope and dermoscopic universal phone attachment kit.
  • A clinical environment where patients with skin lesions are regularly seen face to face.
  • You must be a registered healthcare practitioner with valid registration details in your country of residence. Health professionals who do not belong to any recognised EU or international register will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The course and course materials are prepared in English.
  • Zoom is required for live mentoring sessions.

April Intake Course Starting Date – 15/09/2024

Standard Registration ( Deadline 7th September 2024 ) – £2997.

Earlybird Registration ( Deadline 15th August 2024 ) – £2550.

Diamond Scholarship Application ( Deadline 15th July 2024 ) – £1997.

A deposit of minimum 25% is required at registration and the rest collected in monthly instalments for 6 months.

If a dermatoscope and attachment kit is required one can be provided for an extra £1200.

A.M December 2022 - Lead Dermatology Nurse

I have found the Dermoscopy course to be well-organised, supported and structured. It massively improved my scope of practice in the recognition and safe diagnosis of skin cancer. I think this course is not only beneficial for Dermatology specialists but also for any healthcare professional involved in primary, community and skin cancer healthcare sectors.

H.E December 2023 - Dermatology Nurse

I recently completed Diamond Skin Care’s Dermoscopy Mentorship Course, and can say this was a fantastic experience. The online modules and resources were easy to access. Its content was both detailed and informative, whilst being pitched at a level that was simple to understand.
The mentorship side provided a platform for me to consolidate my knowledge and network with other learners. As a clinician new to Dermatology, this course has improved my confidence in understanding skin lesions and ultimately providing accurate informed care to my patients. I highly recommend this to any clinicians looking to add to their skill set.

M.R December 2023 - Lead Dermatology Nurse

Dermoscopy course was very informative for a beginner like me. Having some exposure to dermoscopy and lesions in a clinical setting prior to starting the course was very helpful to piece it all together. Case studies throughout the course help you to check in on your knowledge from the learning so far and it covers a wide range of the basic and intermediate information required for dermoscopy. Weekly Dermoscopy case reviews with the Consultant were great at creating a better understanding of the dermoscopic features and history of lesions which led to appropriate decision-making. The course is easy to follow and combined with clinical practice it provides the perfect foundation block to becoming a Certified Dermoscopist.


Dr Deepak Rallan is one of the first consultants in the United Kingdom to acquire the title of International Academic Expert in Dermoscopy via Medical University of Graz in 2015. He represents the International Dermoscopy Society (IDS) as a UK board member for the IDS as of June 2021. Dr Rallan is the creator and author of this course which he first taught informally in 2014 to residents and registrars in his local department. The appetite for learning and upskilling has meant that the course is now available internationally to healthcare practitioners who regularly see skin lesions in their day to day work.

To register and for further enquires please email [email protected] with reference: UK Dermoscopy Mentoring Course. You will be sent out course details, a registration form and your personal login details for the training platform(s).