Mole Removal carried out by Expert Dermatologists

Moles are extremely common, appearing in various sizes and colours all over the body. Whether you have health concerns about a mole, or if it’s affecting your self-confidence, our skincare experts carry out mole removal treatments.

Mole Removal
Expert Advice

The best type of mole removal is determined by the shape, whether it is a flat or raised lesion, its size and location.

Our experts discuss the appropriate removal procedure with you that has the highest chance of a good cosmetic result.

Additionally, if there are any concerns regarding skin cancer, the consultant will highlight this on the day as this changes the procedure and testing required.

If you have concerns about scarring then please read our article “Does mole removal leave a scar” for full details.

  • Procedure performed by a consultant Dermatologist
  • Call us on 01603 298 395 for more information & to book, or book online.
  • Mole Removal Clinics in Norfolk at Norwich and Colchester in Essex.
  • Includes Pre-Procedure Phone Consultation

How much does Mole Removal cost?

1 Mole£400
2 Moles£450
3 Moles£500

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To book your mole removal, please call 01603 298395, or email us at [email protected], book online or use our contact form above on the right where one of our customer service representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

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Method of Removal

Mole removals are carried out under a local anaesthetic injection which numbs the surrounding area. The lesion is then removed safely with a specialised scalpel. The wound may or may not require stitches depending on the procedure performed. Freezing treatment (cryotherapy) for some warts does not use a local anaesthetic. If stitches are used, you can choose to have these removed either at one of our skin clinics or at your local surgery.

Removal Details – No need for a consultation, we can book you straight in for the procedure if you fit the below criteria

Do I need a Consultation before the removal takes place?

Not always – we recommend you have a consultation if the mole is around the nose or eye area – or its larger than a 5p piece. Please also let us know if you have a pacemaker before your appointment.

Will I need time off work?

No – unless the mole is on your back & will require stitches, but this is only if you work with machinery or heavy lifting. Otherwise you should be fine to return to work straight away

I'm going on holiday - can I still have it removed?

We would recommend not having a removal done within 10-14 before going on holiday. If stitches are required we would need you to be able to return to clinic within 7-14 days for these to be removed

Do I need to keep the wound dry?

Shower proof plasters are used during the removal – after that we advise not to going swimming or soak in the bath for 10-14 days – Showers are fine after 24hrs.

Am I ok to drive after the removal?

If you require stitches we advise you bring someone if the procedure is on the leg(s) or arm(s). Otherwise you should be fine to drive

What Next?
  • It couldn’t be easier to book a mole removal with Diamond Skin Care, Simply call 01603 298 395 or book online.
  • We will take your details and get you booked in for your mole removal at a time and date of your choice – no consultation needed!
    If you would like a consultation prior to your removal to discuss the details of the procedure this can be facilitated with no extra cost.


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