Worrying moles or normal moles, can you tell the difference?

Moles are extremely common. Most people will rely on family and friends to watch their suspicious skin growths and moles and pick up on any changes. Seeing a doctor and then waiting for an assessment can mean many weeks of worry and asking yourself “Could it be cancerous? Could it spread?”.

We understand how worrying the prospect of Skin Cancer can be and your immediate peace of mind is of paramount importance to us.

That is why our team of dedicated dermoscopy specialists can offer you the fastest skin cancer check in Norfolk. With over 20 years of experience, we can alleviate your fears and leave you instantly worry-free!

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You can have every confidence in Diamond Skin Care.

“Great experience at Diamond Skin Care in Norwich. Had a full body mole check to put my wife’s mind at rest. The staff were really thorough and explained the whole procedure clearly, and gave me updates as we progressed. Immediate results were a bonus.” – C.M. May 2024

When to get a mole checked?

Confidence and guarantee

More than 1350 mole checks have been conducted over 12 years with many skin cancers found and not a single one missed. In fact, we have often proven and removed skin cancers after they have been dismissed elsewhere. This is down to our unique skin cancer screening process and international level of expertise in Dermoscopy.

Don’t be fooled – No dermatoscope, no guarantee!

Has your mole changed?

We recommended a Full Body Mole Check to anyone who is at increased risk of developing skin cancer. This includes those with:

  • A large number of moles.
  • A fair complexion.
  • A regular user of sun beds.
  • A history of sunburn episodes in childhood or early adulthood.
  • A family history of skin cancer.
  • A personal history of skin cancer.
  • A history of frequent travelling and/or holidays abroad.
  • A career or hobby which includes excessive sun exposure (gardening, cycling, sailing etc).

Early detection, life protection.

With any cancer, nobody should have to wait or worry.  Our experienced Dermoscopy Specialists are able to see you quickly and provide you with an immediate and accurate diagnosis on the day of your consultation.

If you book an appointment and find the time is no longer convenient, we will be happy to reschedule it at no extra cost.
Urgent appointments available online or via telephone.

Your well-being is our priority at Diamond Skin Care.

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What happens on the day of your Full Body Mole check?

Unlike a “mole mapping” service you will be seen in person by a Dermoscopy Specialist who is skilled in the practice of Dermoscopy and more importantly, in interpreting the findings immediately, for an on-the-spot diagnosis.

Dermatology ExpertThe Dermoscopy Specialist will use a dermatoscope which is a specialised handheld device that uses polarised light to look about 1 mm beneath the skin’s surface at 10x magnification. This enables the Dermoscopy Specialist to detect any early cancerous patterns which are not visible to the naked eye.

The appointment begins with gathering some background and medical details and assessing your personal and family medical history to provide you with your own risk level.

Once the Dermoscopy Specialist has assessed your overall risk, you will be required to undress down to the undergarments and be covered with a gown for your comfort, a chaperone is always present. The first examination position is lying on your front with arms above your head, and palms facing down. Your specialist will then examine each area covering the; feet, lower legs, thighs, back (torso), neck area and arms. The second examination position is lying on your back, arms above your head, palms facing up. Each area is examined as before including the face and forehead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a skin cancer is found?

You will talked through the findings and concerns on the day. Anything suspicious that requires further treatment can be carried out by Diamond Skin Care. 

What is so different and unique about the Diamond Skin Care method?

Most services don’t examine the entire body. Many do not use a dermastocope. With others, you are not even seen by a medical professional! Diamond Skin Care does all three.

Can I continue treatment under the NHS?

We will always offer you the choice to have your further treatment with us or be referred back to the NHS if you prefer.

Is my GP kept informed?

This is entirely your choice and not compulsory. If you would like us to inform your GP then please give us details of your registered GP practice and we will be happy to send your treatment notes.

Can I bring someone with me to the appointment?

Yes, you are always welcome to bring someone with you, although a chaperone is always present. Under 18’s must have a parent or guardian present. 

Our Mole Check Pricing

Full Body Mole Check£265
Single Mole/Lesion Check
(Price of a single mole check is deducted from the mole removal cost if  the removal is booked in a month)
One Mole Removal£475
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