Why SkinSafe Clinics?

  • Appointment available within 5 days
  • Skin cancer screening designed by one of UK’s leading experts
  • A full body mole check performed live by a consultant
  • Instant peace of mind – no waiting for reports!

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What is Diamond SkinSafe?

Most people rely on family and friends to pick up or watch their suspicious skin growths and moles. Many of our patients have previously attempted to get checked via their doctor and found that whole body skin cancer screening is not available in the NHS. 

Spotting an advanced skin cancer is easy enough, but catching the earliest changes is a highly specialist area. Skin cancers are on the increase and  generally have no symptoms.

Advanced skin cancers are difficult and sometimes impossible to treat. Yet early skin cancers are essentially curable!

SkinSafe clinics were therefore founded to address the serious issues of the lack of a potentially life skin cancer screening service. Diamond SkinSafe uses the best early detection technology (digital dermoscopy) in the hands of trained experts. This allows for a magnified, polarised light examination beneath the skin’s surface. Specialists can therefore detect the earliest changes or abnormalities beneath the skin’s surface which the eye misses over time.

We are the UK’s only specialist founded skin cancer screening and monitoring programme.

“Everyone knows that early detection saves lives, but not everyone knows how to detect early.”- Dr D Rallan, International Academic Expert in Dermoscopy and Chief Dermatologist, DSC Ltd