Dermoscopy ExaminationIf you are concerned or worried about any type of skin condition from an odd shaped mole or eczema, to psoriasis or acne, then a visit to a private dermatologist could be the answer.

Additionally, if you have a skin, hair or nail condition which is causing you discomfort or embarrassment a dermatologist can help with treatment tailored to your individual condition and circumstances.

What is dermatology?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and is incredibly complex. Every day, we subject our skin to all kinds of environments some of which are not so kind to its delicate nature. Dermatology is a specialism within medicine which deals specifically with the skin, hair, and nail disorders.

A dermatologist is a doctor who specialises in diagnosing, investigating, treating, and managing skin conditions and diseases. Dermatology should not be confused with beauty and skin treatments found in spas and salons. Becoming a dermatologist involves years of extensive medical training giving them the skill to diagnose and treat both common skin conditions such as acne to the rare and debilitating skin diseases, including skin cancer.

You can find out more about what it takes to become a dermatologist in our article – What is a Dermatologist?

Benefits of seeing a private Dermatologist

No Waiting Lists

While the NHS do incredible work, they are extremely busy, under immense pressure and short-staffed. This creates long waiting lists averaging 9-15 months across the UK. This which can, understandably, be concerning and cause further distress especially with suspicion skin cancer. An independent private dermatologist will see you soon (within days to weeks) after making your appointment and for certain skin conditions, treatment can be administered immediately. Other conditions may need surgery which will be scheduled quickly and efficiently.

Book at Your Convenience

You choose when you want to book your appointment or surgery if needed on a day and time to suit your schedule. Appointments also allow time for you to ask as many questions as you have about your skin condition. After examining your skin or hair problem, your dermatology specialist will determine the diagnosis and discuss a treatment plan and options.

Furthermore, independent dermatologists arrange treatment packages ranging from a few weeks to months for your condition, instead of only providing one off appointments. This means that during your treatment, you not only have access to the dermatology team involved in your care, but your medications, procedures, tests, and appointments are all taken care of at a fixed known cost, whatever the length of your treatment.

No Need for a GP referral

You can simply refer yourself to a dermatologist, a GP referral is not required. You also do not need to have private healthcare cover or insurance. A competitive and transparent price list for our range of dermatology services is available.

Free Follow Up

At Diamond Skin Care, we offer all patients a free follow up appointment to check any treatment is successful and make necessary adjustments. We advise on the most appropriate interval for a follow up, and this appointment is arranged a couple of weeks before your follow up.

Whilst we offer private dermatology appointments and treatment, there is no conflict with the NHS. Both prescription and management plans created for treatment can continue under the NHS if required.

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You can book a free advice call online or a specific detailed dermatology consultation at one of our clinics in Norwich and Colchester with a qualified private dermatologist. Get in touch and call us today on 01603 819125.