We specialise in treating a wide range of skin conditions like, eczema, psoriasis, melasma and rosacea to name a few.

An in-clinic dermatology consultation takes place at one of our Diamond Skin Care Clinics and lasts 30 minutes.

You will meet your dermatology specialist who will ultimately be responsible for your care.

As part of your registration, we will make notes on your basic personal and medical background. After examining your skin, your dermatologist will discuss the diagnosis and treatment options with you.

You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions you may have.

We are here to help when you need us.
  • Expertise – Specialists with over 15 years experience of NHS and private dermatology. Be confident in your diagnosis and in your treatments. No unnecessary tests.
  • Technology – Book at your convenience, call 01603 819125 or BOOK ONLINE. Email appointment reminders.
  • Urgent Appointments Available 
  • No conflicts – Prescription and Management plan created for treatment to continue under NHS if required.
  • Control – No GP referral needed, no insurance needed.
Dermatology Expert

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Consultations available for £265.
A consultation with the Dermatologist is ideal if you are looking for expert advice for your condition.
Urgent appointments are available online or via telephone.

Your well-being is our priority at Diamond Skin Care.

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What Happens After Your Appointment?

The next steps, if any, will also be thoroughly explained. Where required, you will receive written information and instructions for treatment.
 If a new treatment is required, you may want to take away the information and consider the options in your own time before starting. For certain skin conditions, treatment can be administered immediately.

For minor surgery, a separate booking may be needed. 
Within 5 working days of your appointment, you will receive a letter recording the consultation. This letter will be written in a style that can be easily understood by other medical professionals involved in your care.

Unless you request us not to, a copy of this letter will also be forwarded to your GP or other specialists as this may be in your best interests.

You will also be advised of the most appropriate interval for a follow up. This appointment is arranged and details sent to you 1-2 weeks before your follow up.

Dermatology Consultancy Prices

 Dermatology Specialist£265


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