Safely Removing Warts

Warts are very common and appear in many different sizes and colours all over the body.

They are not dangerous but can be embarrassing or annoying.

Our removal treatment is safe, quick and effective and the type of treatment will depend on the size, shape and location.

  • Procedure performed by a Dermatology Specialist
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  • Includes Free Pre-Procedure Phone Consultation
  • No GP referral required!

How much does Wart Removal cost? ( click on the service to book )

1 Wart£475
2 Warts£530
3 Warts£585

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Your well-being is our priority at Diamond Skin Care.

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Our Removal Methods

Wart removals can be carried out by surgical removal or freezing treatment (cryotherapy). The choice of method depends on the type of wart. Surgical removals are normally carried out under a local anaesthetic injection which numbs the surrounding area. The wart is then safely removed with a specialised scalpel (called a curette). Generally, for this type of removal, no stitches are required.

If you have concerns about scarring then please read our article “Does mole removal leave a scar” for full details.

Freezing treatment (cryotherapy) may also be used for some warts and this treatment does not use a local anaesthetic.

What Next?

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