Does mole removal leave a scar?

Our patients usually ask us what they should expect to happen after their mole(s) have been removed.

There are two main ways of removing a mole. The first is called a shave excision and the other is called a full excision.

The shave excision works best for a mole that is slightly raised. In this procedure, we go under the mole and the removal leaves a flat white mark and a slight dent in the skin. The size of the mark is roughly the same size as the base of the mole, but generally it leaves a much smaller scar compared to the option below.

A full excision removal is carried out on flat moles and guarantees full removal of a flat mole. We go right round the mole on either side and this leaves a scar line. The length of the line is generally almost three times longer than the length of the mole, although we always aim to minimise the size of the scar left behind.