Skin Tag Removal carried out by our Dermatology Specialists

Skin tags are usually small, brown/flesh-coloured growths that protrude from the skin. They are found anywhere on the body but mainly in areas where the skin rubs against itself. They are normally harmless but people choose to have them removed as they do not like the look of them. Our qualified Dermatology Specialist are very experienced in removing skin tags and we can provide expert advice and skin tag removals.

skin tag removal

Expert Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are removed by a variety of methods. The size and location of the lesion determine the best method. Our experts discuss the appropriate procedure with you that has the highest chance of a good cosmetic result. Additionally, if there are any concerns, the specialist will highlight this on the day as this changes the procedure and testing required.

  • Appointment within 5 days!
  • Procedure performed by a Dermatology Specialist.
  • No prior consultation needed!
  • Clinics at Norwich in Norfolk and Colchester in Essex.


We have a super simple pricing system based on either Skin Tag number or area.  An area is 2cm in circumference and you may have multiple skin tags within an area.

Pre-Procedure consultation – £105 (which is then removed from the removal price if you decide to go ahead)

1 x Skin Tag or 2cm area  – £475
2 x Skin Tags or 2 x 2cm areas – £530
3 x Skin Tags or 3 x 2cm areas  – £585

*Paid at the time of booking

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How are Skin Tags removed?

We offer a Pre-procedure consultation in which we can assess the skin tag. Should there be any concerns beforehand, these can be discussed during this appointment. We usually only require a pre-procedure consultation if the skin tag is around the Nose or Eye area, or if you request one.

Acrochordon or skin tag near armpit

There are two main methods for removing skin tags:


Using local anaesthetic around the area the skin tag can be shaved using a scalpel. This method is unlikely to require stitches but may leave a pink or white scar in the area.


Again using local anaesthetic around the area, a scalpel would be used to cut the skin tag off along with a tiny area around it. Small stitches may be required. This will leave a small line scar.

Both methods will be explained during a pre-procedure consultation or at the beginning of the appointment.

For the safety of our patients, we will only remove up to 3 skin tags in one appointment, to limit any chance of infection once you leave.


Do I need a consultation before the removal?

Not always – we recommend you have a consultation if the skin tag is around the nose or eye area – or it’s larger than a 5p piece. Please also let us know if you have a pacemaker before your appointment.

Will I need time off work?

No – unless the skin tag is on your back & will require stitches, but this is only if you work with machinery or heavy lifting. Otherwise, you should be fine to return to work straight away.

I'm going on holiday - can I still have it removed?

We would recommend not having a removal done within 10-14 before going on holiday. If stitches are required we would need you to be able to return to the clinic within 7-14 days for these to be removed.

Do I need to keep the wound dry?

Shower-proof plasters are used during the removal – after that, we advise not to go swimming or soak in the bath for 10-14 days – Showers are fine after 24hrs.

Am I ok to drive after the removal?

If you require stitches we advise you bring someone with you just in case. Otherwise, you should be fine to drive.


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