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Hair loss can be extremely distressing and have a significant effect on your self-confidence and daily life.

There are over 15 different types of hair loss. Coming to the correct diagnosis as early as possible is of paramount importance as this affects the treat-ability of your condition. For this reason, we created the Diamond Hair Gain Solution.

Bring Back Your Confidence

We promise that you will see noticeable results if you choose to come on your hair growth journey with Diamond Skin Care. This is down to our unique consultation process and our international level of expertise in hair loss.

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To book your hair loss consultation, please call 01603 298395, or email us at [email protected], book online or use our contact form on the right where one of our client service representatives will contact you within 24 hours.


The Diamond Hair Gain Solution is unique to you and works.

  • If your hair loss is the non-scaring type our treatment packages can promise a higher than 90% response rate. 
  • Uniquely we do a trichoscopic examination which helps to confirm the diagnosis in more that 90% of cases. 
  • We have over 15 years of experience with hair loss
  • Throughout your treatment, you will have phone and email access to your own dedicated dermatology team.
  • No hidden costs

A.V. January 2023

Very reassuring. We were very satisfied with the consultation and follow up appointment. Thank you. Special thanks to Dr Rallan. Everyone was extremely kind and helpful.”

A typical response to hair loss treatment

Before hair loss treatment

What happens on the day of your Hair Loss Consultation?

You will be seen in person by one of our Specialists at your chosen location, which will give us the opportunity to discuss all the details and concerns your are experiencing.

The precise investigations, such as blood test or a biopsy will be discussed during your initial consultation (if required). Sometimes the Specialist may also remove 1-2 hairs for a closer dermoscopic examination.

Depending on the type of hair loss that is diagnosed, the precise treatments and therapies can be put in place to promote hair gain. They can vary from topical medicines, oral medication, steroid injections and more recently biological hair stimulant injections.

Within 2 working days of your consultation, you will receive a copy of your treatment notes. These will contain your entire management plan, both for your records and your GP’s, unless you request us not to. The treatment notes will be written in a style that can be easily understood by other medical professionals involved in your care, as this may be in your best interests.

Restore, Revive, Results

With any Hair Loss, nobody should have to wait or continue suffering. Our experienced Dermatology Specialists are able to see you quickly. With an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan, we commit to restoring your confidence and wellbeing.

If you book an appointment and find the time is no longer convenient, we will be happy to reschedule it at no extra cost.


Am I suitable for hair loss treatment?

Does Alopecia mean I will lose all my hair?

Most common types of hair loss does not involve complete loss of hair and there are different type of treatment that can be used to restore or help the growth of the hair. 

When is the best time to start my treatment?

The earlier you start treating the hair loss, the more likely is to achieve quicker and better recovery ( depending on the type of hair loss). 

What is included in the price?

Some treatments, such as steroid injections, are initiated free of charge in the initial appointment. Sometimes  blood test might be required and those will be also included in the price. Any subsequent treatment after may incur a charge.

Can I continue treatment under the NHS?

We will always offer you the choice to have your further treatment (if required) with us or be referred back to the NHS if you prefer via your GP.

How long does it take for treatment to work?

Depending on the hair loss type might see the effects after 4 week.

Our Hair Loss pricing

Hair Loss Consultation£324
Diamond Hair Gain1 off payment of £1944 or
6 monthly instalments of £324


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