The Most Effective Treatment for Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss

The Magic of Platelet Rich Plasma – put the brakes on alopecia!

Platelet Rich Plasma also known at PRP, is derived from the individual’s own blood. A small blood sample is withdrawn from the patient’s arm and the platelets are harvested from this sample.

These platelets are stimulants and are rich in growth factors. When the high concentration of platelets are injected in to the affected areas they promote the regeneration of the hair bulbs resulting in stronger denser and richer hair.

“Dr Rallan and colleagues were sympathetic, empathetic and highly competent. All my questions (quite a lot) were answered with complete understanding and at a level appropriate. Well done and thank you (a pity that it is private as this level of expertise should be available to all).” G.H. May 2022

Inject life back into your hair!

We promise that you will see noticeable results* if you choose to come on your hair growth journey with Diamond Skin Care. This is down to our unique consultation process and our international level of expertise in hair loss.


What happens during the Diamond Hair Gain Programme?

Our Diamond Hair Gain Programme uses PRP over the course of a 6 month period. You will have six appointments (once every 4 weeks) with the specialist to monitor and review your progress. At each appointment we will also take trichoscopic photos for your records.

The platelet rich plasma is prepared and injected every 4 weeks up to month 3. During months 4 and 5 the specialist will monitor your response and see if any additional surface or tablet treatments are needed, alongside any top up PRP treatment. You will then receive a further full PRP session again at month 6.

Most people only require 4-6 monthly top ups going forward, and other hair gain treatments may or may not be continued as required.

Get to the root of your hair loss

We commit to restoring your confidence and wellbeing. Throughout your programme we remain in contact with you by telephone and/or email to answer any concerns or queries regarding your PRP treatment.

If you book an appointment and find the time is no longer convenient, we will be happy to reschedule it at no extra cost.


What happens on the day of your PRP treatment?

Once you are ready to start PRP treatment, on the day the Nurse will collect a small sample of blood (around 10ml). The blood sample will then be put through a 5 minute centrifuge which works to separate plasma and platelets from the red blood cells.

During that time the Nurse will apply some topical anaesthetic to the areas intended for treatment to make the procedure as comfortable for you as we can.

You will receive 5 or 6 injections into the scalp area to be treated.

Following the procedure you may experience some tenderness to the area however, you should be able to get back to your normal daily activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment painful?

Having PRP injections does involve some level of discomfort as with most injectables. To minimise this, we apply a topical anaesthetic to the areas intended for treatment.

Following the procedure you may experience some tenderness to the area however, you should be able to get back to your normal daily activities.

Is PRP treatment safe?

PRP has been proven to be one of the safest methods for hair restoration as your own blood components are used in the procedure, therefore it is a natural treatment and there is no risk of an allergic reaction and so far no adverse side effects have been reported.

Can I wash my hair?

We advise patients not to wash their hair 24 hours prior to a treatment. Following this normal haircare can continue.

When can I expect to see some hair growth?

You should begin to notice hair growth at around week 6 of the treatment.

Can I colour my hair?

Yes you can continue to colour your hair as normal.

Do I qualify for PRP treatment?

  • No known blood disorder.
  • No known blood borne infection.
  • Diagnosis of Androgenic Alopecia confirmed.
  • Other causes of hair loss excluded.
  • Not on any anti-platelet medication.

How Much Does it Cost?

Diamond Hair Gain Programme1 of payment of £1794 or
6 monthly instalments of £299.


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