How much does mole removal cost?

How much does mole removal cost?

We’re often asked how much it costs to remove a mole and we have a very simple pricing structure:

One mole removal – £444
Two moles removed – £494
Three moles removed – £544

A lot of our patients’ request multiple moles are removed and it’s simply an extra £50 for the removal of every extra individual mole.

Testing, whereby we need to send any removed moles away for verification, for up to three moles is £75.

Is mole removal safe?

We are commonly asked to undertake mole removals at the SkinSafe Clinic and it’s a very safe procedure, in the right hands.

The procedure is superficial on the skin, using a local anaesthetic. The removal doesn’t go beyond the surface of the skin, so no internal areas/structures are affected and the anaesthetic usually wears off in two hours.

Our doctors or nurses ensure that any medication you may be on does not clash with the anaesthetic and your medical history is considered to ensure you do not suffer an allergic reaction.

We are careful to make sure mole removal is undertaken on appropriate parts of the body and will advise you if we cannot undertake the removal and refer you to an appropriate specialist.