When to check a mole?

When to check a mole?

We’re often asked by our patients when they should get their moles checked and there’s three main reasons why you should:

If your partner or friend notices that one of your moles has changed. It’s true that all moles normally change, but they do so over a long period of time, for example over a year, two years or more.

If the change has happened over 3-4 months. That is very quick for a mole and may be a sign that something is wrong.

NB. These are two very strong reasons to get your mole checked. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have skin cancer, but it’s best that we have a look at it for your peace of mind.

A lot of people think they have to wait for the mole to itch, ooze or bleed or some kind of other symptoms before getting it checked out. This is not the case as this may never happen. As far as Melanoma is concerned, which is one of the most dangerous skin cancers, these symptoms do not typically present themselves.