Dermatology ExpertWe have opened a new clinic; noticing a high demand for skin services in and around the Colchester area has prompted us to open a new dermatology clinic there.

Our new Colchester Dermatology clinic has opened in Abbey Field Medical Centre to treat patients needing to see a consultant dermatologist to help with their skin care concerns.

Our director and chief consultant, Dr Deepak Rallan, set the company up after becoming dissatisfied with the varied service across many hospitals including the training and mentoring.

He said: “Few organisations exist to offer affordable, private medical care exclusively for patients with skin conditions, but we do, and you don’t need a GP referral to see one of our dermatology specialists.”

“Delivering the best quality care is at the heart of what Diamond Skin Care stands for and rooted in the three principles, science, skill and service.”

The treatment for patients needing to see a consultant dermatologist has continued to grow and patients concerned about their conditions, are having to wait longer to either secure an appointment or a referral within the NHS system.

Or patients have tried so many over the counter treatments which have failed and looking for solutions and answers.

We can treat patients with a range of conditions including, acne, psoriasis, eczema.

During the full body mole check, the consultations give ‘live results’, and we remove lesions, then send them away for testing where required.

“Prevention and peace of mind in relation to skin cancer is what many patients we see want from us.”

“Skin cancer causes over 2,500 deaths across the UK each year and the good news is detecting earlier saves lives.”

For more information please call 01603 819125, email [email protected]