Before your consultation, you will need to check-in at the main reception at our clinic. Here the receptionist will show you where your appointment will be taking place, and alert you when your consultant is ready to begin your consultation.

You will be seen by our consultant dermatologist, Dr Rallan, who is the UK’s first and only International academic expert in preventative dermoscopy. Some details of your medical background, sun exposure background and family history will be recorded.

You will be required to undress down to the undergarments and a female chaperone is always present. The first examination position is lying on your front with arms above your head, palms facing down. Your specialist will then examine each area covering the feet, lower legs, thighs, back (torso), neck area and arms. The second examination position is lying on your back, arms above your head, palms facing up. Each area is examined as before including the face and forehead.

Within each area, some moles or freckles may be selected for a detailed photographic and dermoscopic record. They are generally the darker or more irregular looking moles and the purpose of recording is to ensure that they are stable (unchanged) despite the unusual appearance. These will be marked with a washable skin marker during the examination prior to photography. Sometimes, a (ultrasound) gel is applied to the skin for the dermoscopic photograph.

Types of Mole Checks available at our Norwich skin clinic

Mole Safe – Today!

If you have a suspicious mole or growth, and want a quick diagnosis, we also offer a one-time mole check. The examination procedure is the same as the MoleSafe procedure described above. You will be seen by one of our experts and photographic and dermoscopic records will be taken as normal.

Included is:

  • Mole and skin cancer assessment – full skin examination
  • Digital photographic record
  • Dermoscopic record (non-invasive 1mm into the skin)

Mole Safe – All Year!

  • Full skin cancer examination every four months – these are arranged at times to suit you. We have convenient clinics situated in Norfolk and Essex.
  • FREE telephone access to a specialist throughout the year (by appointment) – if you are worried about a mole, have any other skin concerns or require advice on another skin condition, we can arrange a phone appointment with a specialist
  • FREE treatment of any pre-cancerous areas which respond to freezing (‘cryotherapy’) saving you from potentially requiring any surgery in the future
  • FREE mole photo assessment – if you note a new mole or growth between appointments, send us a picture and we will provide free assessment. Instant peace of mind, wherever you are.

Why monitor? Why Dermoscopy?

We are the UK’s only skin cancer screening and monitoring programme, detecting what the eye misses year on year for ongoing peace of mind.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, with rates set to rise due to the increased use of sunbeds, and increased availability of travel to sunny destinations. The biggest cause of skin cancers of all types is the sun and ultraviolet radiation. If you have been previously diagnosed with skin cancer, have a large number of moles or are regularly exposed to UV rays, you have a higher than average risk of developing (further) skin cancers. Skin cancers can be life threatening beyond a certain stage, if left to advance. Generally, there are no symptoms. Fortunately, these cancers only undergo minor changes over 3-4 months and at this stage, are completely curable. However, these minor changes are not easily identifiable with the naked eye.

A dermatoscope is a relatively new device allowing magnified examination beneath the skin’s surface. Some training and experience is required, but in the right hands, even the slightest abnormal change is detected. The combination of regular checks and expert dermoscopic monitoring is therefore ideal for complete prevention of incurable skin cancers.

What happens if skin cancer is found?

Dr Rallan will let your know if he is concerned about any of the growths or moles on the skin. You may opt to have surgical removal if required through our service (discounted for programme members) or you may choose to be referred into the NHS which we can arrange via your GP, on a two week wait.

Meet the Norwich skin cancer screening team

When making a mole check appointment at our Norwich skin clinic, you will be seen by Dr Rallan. Dr Rallan is a consultant dermatologist with over 15 years experience within the NHS and is an international academic expert in preventative dermoscopy.

What is the pricing of a mole check?

We have two types of mole checks currently available at our Norwich Skin Clinic.

  • Single Mole Assessment £134
  • Full Body Mole Check £247

What our Norwich mole check patients say

C.L – Norwich

“Dr Rallan is very professional and I felt totally confident in him. After losing friends to melanoma it was very important to me to have my moles and blemishes examined by an expert. Luckily Dr Rallan was able to give me positive news, he also gave me good, sensible advice for safe skin care for the future. I highly recommend him.”

M.G – Norwich

“The whole procedure from ringing to make the appointment, to the examination was excellent. A very friendly doctor and nurse who instantly put me at ease. Thank you!”